Senior iOS Developer

eyeo GmbH

Cologne, Germany
5 months ago Potentially Expired

Get to know us

We create open-source software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience. Our desktop and mobile products, such as Adblock Plus (ABP), Adblock Browser and Flattr, help sustain and grow a fair, open web because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization. Our most popular product, Adblock Plus (ABP), is currently used on over 100 million devices.

Here’s the big picture

Work on ABP iOS and macOS development, focusing on lower-level tasks. You will be working on complex issues, both on mobile and on browser development. Not to brag or anything, but look at how many projects you can work on, and everything is open source:

  • ABP for Safari on iOS

  • Adblock Browser for iOS

  • ABP for Safari on macOS

  • ABPKit (framework), the backbone of our products and the foundation for our partner products

After your morning coffee, you’ll be expected to do...

  • iOS (80% focus) and some macOS development using Objective-C, Swift, RxSwift

  • Core development of libraries, backend, server-side software

  • Development of iOS and macOS apps

  • Development of new products

and the rest...

  • Consulting with partners

  • Maintaining existing products

  • Strengthening the underlying technology and backend of our mobile core products

  • Working on core content blocking functionality

  • Finding innovative solutions in a very limited content blocking environment

We trust you to work from home if you have...

  • Multiple years of iOS, Swift, and Objective-C development

  • Advanced programming experience equivalent to programming with RxSwift for significant application services

  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures (at computer science 4-year level)

  • Debugging skills (multithreading, concurrency, memory lifetimes, parallelization)

  • Expertise with HTTP protocols, database operations (SQL/NoSQL), and functional programming (e.g. Haskell, Scala, F#, Rust, Swift, JavaScript)

  • Experience in interoperability with Swift and Objective-C

  • Ability to write accurate, concise, and complete technical documentation

You can do this job in your sleep if you also have experience in...

  • Browser development

  • Content blocking

  • Working in agile teams

  • Open source development

A little bit about the team you’ll work with

The iOS/macOS team is a globally distributed team that works on multiple projects. Depending on priorities, we decide how we want to work on each level. We have bi-weekly video meetings, but most of the communication happens over IRC, email, and our issue tracking system.