High Ticket Sales Consultant - Software (Commission)


8 months ago Potentially Expired

Northlogic specializes in software development, specifically designing architectures for business' to automate their workflow and give them an advantage over the competition.

We build tools and features for your company to reduce costs, run more efficiently, and bring it to the next level.

We are looking for an individual who will cold call business owners and set up meetings with owners to offer them automation services to reduce their costs, web and/or app development. You will be contacting potential customers and once you get the lead you will transfer them over to our main developer that will take it on from there and finalize the sale.

You MUST BE A TECHNICAL SALES PERSON. All non-technical will be disqualified as this will require you know have a little background in technology.

An exception can be made if you can get connections and send us the leads.

You will receive a % of the total cost of the project as commission.

Job Type / Category

Sales for Web / App Development

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience in sales
  • Fluent in English
  • Enthusiastic individual who pushes themselves
  • Knowledge of web development and app development
  • Knowledge of one or more development languages like: PHP, Laravel, SASS, Node.js, Swift, React Native, Python
  • Has a technical background
  • Servers and hosting
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

If you think you got the skill for this job come on over! We are always looking for talented individuals!

Job Types: Contract, Commission

Salary: $100,000.00 /year


Send an email to hello@northlogic.co with your resume and subject line "Sales Job". Add any additional resources to help you get quaified for the interview.

Will will review your resume and any additional material. This is a compeitive position with lots of potential.